A 6-Step Path to Making the World a Better Place



By  in Mastershift

1. Love Yourself First

Self-love is potent and the foundation for all positive change in oneself and in the world. When everyone truly loves him or herself, the world will be a better place.

2. Stop Judging

To hate others because of their religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, appearance, economic status, or ideas is just plain silliness. A person who condemns another for any of those factors is unenlightened and living with poor self-love. When you need to find others inferior, it is a masked attempt at allowing yourself to feel superior because you simply do not believe that you are fully worthy. You are not worthy because of your religion, your money, your education, or any other external factor. You are worthy because you are worthy.

WE ARE ONE. You’re going to find it out sooner or later, so save yourself a lot of drama by accepting it now. This will make the world a better place.

3. Fear less

Fear is the new Hate. Throughout history, hatred was at the root of most crime, war, disharmony, and conflict. Although we have a long way to go in developing tolerance, acceptance, and love, we have collectively improved upon our recognition of the value of all humans.

More insidious is the effect that fear has on our reality because the negative repercussions are often invisible. To make it even worse, we encourage fear. To witness this truth, watch television, pharmaceutical ads, or go through security at the airport. The more we allow others to determine that which we should fear, the more we give up our power. Within us, we have the power to live harmoniously, but the more that power is sacrificed, the less we will have the ability to manifest the reality we desire. In addition, since we are one, the fears of many collectively affect the reality of others. One person’s fear contributes to a disharmonious trajectory for all.

You may not be able to eliminate all your fears overnight, but you can begin a campaign to fear LESS

4. Stop encouraging fear in others

5. Support success and happiness in others

Celebrate others’ triumphs. The best way to help others is to encourage them. Become a cheerleader for others’ positive actions, improvements, and deeds. Make yourself a happy convergence point for happy people.

6. Honor

Honor your planet, your animal and plant communities, your friends, your neighbors, and your fellow humanity. We are eternal, so live as though all your actions matter. Re-hang your clothes in the fitting room. Pick up a piece of litter even it’s not yours. Be as kind to the wait staff as you would be to a celebrity.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Be kind to everything around you and make this world a better place.

Make this world a better place. Do that which you can do. You can’t do everything, but you can do many simple things that accumulate to a great thing.


Source: https://themastershift.com/a-6-step-path-to-making-the-world-a-better-place-3/

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