You Were Meant to Be Happy!


By Dr. Karin Luise

What if you accepted that you were truly meant to be happy? What if you believed that you did not have to suffer badness to earn goodness? What if you accepted that it is your birthright to have a life that is fun?

Well, it is!

This is my favorite realization since having a spiritual awakening. It shifts the old paradigms of fear and suffering on their heads; they are no longer required at the vibration you have found! (Unless, of course, you create that as your reality. . . but why would you?) You have the choice!

Here’s why.

When you were born you miraculously came from nonphysical.

A divine sacred soul straight from a divine sacred place. You were a spiritual being that came into physical existence. You came directly from God, “Source,” and you brought part of Source Energy with you. It was all you knew; it was all IN you!

From birth, you emanated with a full essence of your own self-worth. You possessed total self-acceptance, unconditional love and honest emotional expression. You emerged loving, accepting and celebrating every nook and cranny of yourself and your spectacular world.

You also expected others to have the same energy/vibration as you. When you met someone or something that did not agree with your vibration, you let everyone around you know! That was the honest and emotional expression that you were born trusting.

Each of us arrived here reaching toward things that bring us pleasure and moving away from things that bring us negativity. Our emotions give our bodies signals when things feel right or ‘off ’ and when we were young; we did not hesitate to express that. Until we were taught differently . . .

Think about any baby you know. Do you ever see them having self-doubt, hiding their emotions or choosing to martyr their joy so that someone else in the room is happy?

No! That is the way we are born; curious, self-loving, world-exploring, passionate, feeling, center-of-the-universe human beings. Over time the experiences we have within our cultures, families, religions and schools unravel our natural magnetism to happiness. They teach us we need to stuff our feelings, please others, and suffer before we can experience joy. We are taught to trust others over ourselves.

But this can change as soon as you get it.

What if you decided to go back to accepting and trusting yourself above all? What if you reminded yourself that “self-first does not mean self-ish” and started following your own emotional guidance system FIRST?

What if you realized that by seeking what you authentically want, you are not only creating more joy but you are raising your vibration and the vibration of the world around you? What if we ALL started accepting ourselves with love and then gave everyone around us the same grace?

You got it. All areas of our lives would see an energy shift that would reflect the true essence we were born with: Source Energy.

Total acceptance. Total love. Total freedom to be who we were each born to be – HAPPY.



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