5 Ways to Stoke Your Spirit for the Holidays


Even when gift wrapping and pie baking edge out asana and meditation on your to-do list, there is still always an opportunity to connect with your truest Self. Follow us all month on Facebook and Instagram for spiritual inspiration and share how you #stokeyourspirit.

Here, Kathryn Budig shares five of the ways she stays connected during the holidays.

1. Decorate your alter or sacred space with symbols of the holiday found in nature—pinecones, berries, sprigs of evergreen.

2. Burn festive scented candles in your yoga or meditation space. Try balsam and cedar, pine, cinnamon or anything that creates a festive and warm feeling.

3. Instead of cleaning your yoga or alter space with traditional lavender, try switching up your essential oils to wintergreen, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

4. Offer your deities and statues nog!

5. Create a mantra of gratitude for your meditation: “I am surrounded by love. I have everything I need.”

Source: https://www.yogajournal.com/.amp/yoga-101/5-ways-stoke-spirit-holidays

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