Creation Flexes The Imagination 

Be sure to exercise your creativity on a regular basis. Create something, anything. This creation can take the form of a blog, book, painting, pottery, lesson plan, workout program, recipe, voice memo, or even a daydream. 

Creation flexes the imagination. 

As we create, we stimulate the growth of our imagination. Our imagination can be a powerful ally. As it grows, our ability to create change in our lives elevates. With a stronger imagination we can begin to see the “big picture” more easily and find new ways to be successful in our endeavors. We discover that our imagination is the home of our perspective. A perspective that is raised by our experiences. And through the maturation of our imagination, we begin to develop better and more complex ideas that not only allow us to obtain more success in this life, but also gives us the opportunity to share our unique perspective with the world.

Creation –> Stronger Imagination –> Better Ideas –> More Success

Create away my friends.

– C.H.

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