Battling Adversity



When you are on this path called life, whether you are relatively new to the journey or a seasoned veteran, you will face some kind of adversity. There are many obstacles, challenges, and tests that will force you to take a look in the mirror and determine what kind of person you want to be. You will find yourself questioning how bad you want to change — wondering if evolving into light is worth the trials that come with facing and eradicating the dark. In many ways, this is the main test. To see how a soul reacts to hardship. To see if a soul lets his or her “current” circumstance consume them and define their “future” condition. What do I mean by that? You know what I mean. Those reactions are usually followed by thoughts such as “I can only wish (dream) of something like that” or “I am not meant for a love like that” or “This WOULD happen to me”. In this way, your expectations become your limitations. You push that need you have further and further away from you until you become reliant of needing and longing, instead of focused on manifesting. You begin to find opportunities and situations that can further the negative seeds that you have created. Thoughts like “See, I knew it. This always happens to me” begin following the unfulfillment of that need.


In order to overcome the hardship, you must change the way you access hardship. You must become aware of how you currently handle the hardship and decide to change that “knee jerk” reaction. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The day you can catch yourself preparing to react to something negative in “your usual way” and choose not to, will be the day that you truly begin to overcome adversity. In the same way that harmful thoughts feed the encompassing idea or seed that “I am not good enough” can push your needs and wants away, positive and grateful thoughts can bring those desires to you. If you want to make this change, you must become aware of how you react to adversity. However, instead of waiting for something negative to happen, a good place to start is with the desires or characteristics that follow the phrase “I have always…”. If you find yourself saying that phrase and it is something that is detrimental to you or is a characteristic that you would not want to have, then that is something you can work to change by reframing the way your view it. Acknowledge the condition or situation you would like to change and create a different thought pattern. For example, changing the thought “This always happens to me” to “This used to happen to me all the time, but not anymore.” In this way, you have acknowledged the pattern and created a new thought (seed) for the future. It doesn’t matter if the pattern of thoughts immediately stop or not — the seed needs time to grow. In time, the pattern will stop because you are no longer “feeding” the negative seed.

– C.H.

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  1. I really value your perspective, by reading this I was able to take a look back and really come to terms with some of my reactions in the past, and to acknowledge the behavior along with the solutions suggested here.

    I include my attempt to recognize *triggers of certain reactions and “practice” restraint in response of that reaction, or utilizing the choice of opting out of the situation completely…. Purposely disengaging for the sake of all involved.
    At any age these things continue to be learned and reiterated or adjusted as life evolves around us and as we evolve around the changing circumstances that our thoughts and actions have created.

    I enjoyed this read, Thank you very much for posting it.

    Peace & blessings

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    1. Beautiful comment. Thank you for sharing your insights.


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