Are You A Believer In Prophetic Dreams?

“In a prophetic dream, you see the future through your dream. It is difficult to determine that a dream is prophetic because we can only confirm such a dream after it has taken place. Even then, we only hear of the success stories. There are so many other dreams that do not come true. Thus, prophetic dream may just be mere coincidences. 

In the science world, it is believed that psychic powers do not exist. Scientists rationalize that dreams that seemingly come true may actually be a suggestion or guide for you to follow, thus making it seem as if the dream is coming true. You are willing it to be true. Another argument is that you may have a tendency to self-edit your dream to match the outcome. Because dreams are so easily forgotten, your memory of the dream may not be accurate. Yet another theory is that your dreaming mind is able to piece together bits of information faster that your conscious mind. Your mind is able to see what will happen based on information that it has already collected.

Still, there are believers that dreams can indeed predict or foretell the future. Prophetic dreams are linked to major disasters, wars, assassinations, accidents, lottery numbers or even with winning horse race. Such dreams have helped solve crimes. In history, Abraham Lincoln was said to have dreamt of his own body laying in a coffin two weeks before he his assassination. British engineer, John Dunne dreamt of the eruption of a volcano in France which came true. 

Having a prophetic dream suggests that you are experiencing anxiety and that you are expressing a desire for certainty in the future. You are looking to your dream to help you make an important decision or to reassure you that you are on the right path.”

Are you a believer in prophetic dreams? I am. Maybe that’s because I know a number of people personally that have had “success stories” and I am a little biased. Or maybe it’s because I believe in the interconnected nature of our universe. Time doesn’t truly exist. It is a manmade concept to help us discern from different points or events in our life. I believe the only thing that truly changes is state of consciousness. Who you are right now and who you were “last year” is a different you — a different state of awareness and understanding. I also believe we are all shifting differently but together along the flow of the universe. I think someone who has prophetic dreams is someone who has managed to glimpse or shift into a different stage of consciousness. This shift occurred independent of everyone else and further along the flow of the universe. These are just my thoughts on the matter. Might make a part 2 to this post and expand further.

– C.H.

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