Visions Activated By Sunlight

solar talisman of God


There are many different sources of energy in the world. Energy is constantly being transmitted and transformed within and outside of your being. It can have both positive and negative effects on you and your environment. Building up your energy and aura can help you with having protection from illnesses, gaining more wealth, finding healthy relationships, healing past emotional pain, and other great benefits.


Energy can be infused into items, just like in people. However, there are certain items and artifacts that have the ability to hold far more energy than others. This week I will be talking about certain spiritual medallions that hold energy in a similar way. These items are designed in such a way that the amplify your ability to ask for divine help to improve certain aspects of you life. All one has to do is wear the item and the energy infused within the item will begin to have an effect on your life.


The item of today is called The Solar Talisman of God. The Sun is one of the most powerful sources of energy on our planet. Certain items can absorb sunlight and store it. The energy that radiates from the sun also has the ability to communicate; a source of intelligence if you will. This talisman has a symbol on the front and back of it that activates from sunlight. The rising sun activates the front, while the setting sun activates the back. This activation will allow you to have divine visions. Below is a brief description about the medallion. If you want a more in-depth description, click the link below this post.


“When you place this Talisman under your pillow, you will experience a Vision of the Creator.  You will also experience a Vision of The Angels, The Forces of Creation, and the energies that create the universe around you.  By reflecting light of the rising Sun off the front, you will experience Visions within the celestial world.  By reflecting light from the setting Sun off the back image, you will experience Visions of the Angels and the Celestial Deities. Connecting with the power of this Talisman requires time and patience.   This talisman is based on a centuries old design and has been used by some of the world’s most talented and powerful Adepts.  Now for the first time, both aspects of its power are gathered together in one talisman.”


The Solar Talisman of God

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