Generating Blessings

There are many different sources of energy in the world. Energy is constantly being transmitted and transformed within and outside of your being. It can have both positive and negative effects on you and your environment. Building up your energy and aura can help you with having protection from illnesses, gaining more wealth, finding healthy relationships, healing past emotional pain, and other great benefits. 

Energy can be infused into items, just like in people. However, there are certain items and artifacts that have the ability to hold far more energy than others. This week I will be talking about certain spiritual medallions that hold energy in a similar way. These items are designed in such a way that the amplify your ability to ask for divine help to improve certain aspects of you life. All one has to do is wear the item and the energy infused within the item will begin to have an effect on your life.

The medallion of today is called The Miracle Prayer Generator. This powerful item has many purposes but it is most used to charge liquids with energy from a divine prayer called the Ana B’Koach. This prayer is engraved into the medallion. The energy of the prayer flows into liquids placed on top of the medallion. Once charged for at least an hour, the liquid can be consumed and that energy of blessings can be infused into the cells of the user. This energy can be used to attract whatever it is that you need in life. Below is a brief description about the medallion. If you want a more in-depth description, click the link below this post. 

“The Miracle Prayer Generator is a thick bronze talisman that is engraved with the Name of the Creator in Malachim Enochian. This dialect of the Primordial language is one of the oldest and most powerful energy generators in the universe. The Angels of the Lord communicated this format to Dr. Gibson and it is now being transmitted as a permanent healing tool. The very center of the Generator contains the 42 letter Name of God.”

The Miracle Prayer Generator

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