The Path Less Traveled

When someone says that they are on a spiritual path or would consider themselves spiritual as oppose to religious, what does that mean? I suppose it can have many different meanings and would depend on the perspective of the individual. Some people may say that being on a spiritual path means focusing inward in an effort to become more conscious and aware of who you are and the reality you live in. I am curious, what does spiritual evolution mean to you? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.


The following is an excerpt from an article that I found had a strong and passionate view of what spiritual evolution means to them.


Realizing why we create the obstacles

The Path Less Traveled is of course the inner journey. It’s about not immediately settling for the quick fix in the outer world, the immediate solution, the soft but convenient option. It’s realizing that you have to work – at yourself – to unfold the true path of light. It’s easy to keep doing what we’ve always done.



The hardest thing is to change yourself. Because that takes responsibility, ownership of your sh** and a willingness to change. If you can dig deep, and find this quality, if you can own your creative path, then you have what it takes to meet the crucial obstacles of change – those inside yourself.

There’ll come a point, where you stop seeing the outer obstacle as something you’ve got to fix, get past or get over. Instead you’ll surrender into the real reason why you created the obstacle in the first place: the pain inside of you where the light gets buried in the blurred haziness of uncertainty. But you’ll stop trying to avoid it, stop popping the pill or immediately grabbing for that quick fix crutch.



Instead you’ll look right into the jaws of it and say: “F**k it, I’ve had enough now, the pain can’t define me anymore, I’m going right into the heart of it.” And so you look right into it’s contracting jaws and say “No more! I will not be defined by you, I will unfold and unwind right through you…you son-of-a-b***h!”



This is what defines the Path Less Traveled. The inner path. The journey of purpose, to the realisation of who you truly are. And then the actualisation of it, moment by moment, as the most profoundly magical way of being and living.



Read the full article titled The Path Less Traveled…And How to Tackle It by Open here.

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