Let it go.

Don’t hold on to the pain. Let go of all the wrongs that have been done to you. I don’t care if you lost money, were lied to, cheated on, neglected, abused, etc. Let the emotions from those unfortunate circumstances go. They don’t have to control you.

Those are only weights. Burdens for you to carry along in your life unless you choose to forgive and let go. Don’t just bury those emotions, that won’t heal you. Instead assess what happened to you, feel the emotions of that moment in their entirety, then DECIDE that you will no longer hold on to the emotions of that incident anymore. A good practice is to write out what happened to you on paper, describe how it made you feel, then burn it. 

You will know when you have let those emotions go when your heart begins to feel lighter. Some of the more painful circumstances will need to be removed with more effort or more than once before it is completely gone. However, after a while it will feel like removing a cloud of dust from a precious jewel. You will be able to be at your best again.

– C.H.

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